Winter Survival Skills

Let your highly trained instructor guide you through the essentials of wilderness survival, regardless of the season. You will learn how to start fires, with a variety of techniques, create a warm shelter in all conditions, cooking and water purification and a variety of different tool uses. All skills are taught using a combination of modern resources, such as tarps, along with natural resources from the environment, including various plant uses for medicinal and survival purposes. A great activity for those keen to learn new skills or looking to facilitate a unique team building experience. You will have an evening in a classroom setting followed by a weekend of more learning and putting all your skills to the test while sleeping and cooking outside!



Jan 17 (class) 6-9pm

Jan 21/22 (out trip)


Feb 21 (class) 6-9pm

Feb 25/26 (out trip)


$275 per person


To register please email or call 403-949-3305