Simply Serious Fun

For this program we illustrate key personal and group/team skills required working in a group and/or as a team and focusing on fun and awareness of how people interact in the workplace. The group or groups would be participating in activities such as: (please note the below listed activities are examples, we do not like to commit to any specific activities as we choose them based on the group dynamics on site)

 Group Juggling – groups are tasked with tossing tennis balls through a pattern set by the group…then they are challenged to toss other objects and/or to toss the objects in a reverse pattern…group is then debriefed on the metaphor.

Better Your Time – this exercise has participants in a circle and tasked with passing an object around the circle in the best time possible…the group is challenged to beat a specified time accepted by the group…group is then debriefed on the metaphor.

Network Connector – the activity uses a “play parachute” that serves as an organizational metaphor to demonstrate the “network connections” among the group members (further explanation given at the site) group is given several problems associated with the parachute

Ball Shuffle – participants are split into groups and tasked with the movement of a set of balls from one place to another in the fastest time possible in full view and support of the other group.

Mine Field – participants are split into pairs and given the task with several problem techniques to maneuver through this unique course.  Please note the activities listed are just an example, we use a vast number of activities that are appropriate for the group and what you want to accomplish from your day together.