Guide School

Professional Raft Guide Training

This course is also appropriate for the recreational paddler

It is our goal to give our guide School participants a wide range of hard and soft skills and knowledge to enable successful graduates to run rivers safely and make informed safe Leadership decisions.

The learning will be done through experiential, scenario based, classroom and interpretive based learning .  By participating in this course you will gain an understanding of the Whitewater Industry Standards and Expectations.

Guides School is an intense experience with longs days on or in the water, in-depth lectures and spending lots of time with mentors that show you the fun side of this amazing job.

Yet Raft Guiding is just one side of the job; you must also be an entertainer, interpreter of local information and steward of the environment in which you are guiding

To do the course you must be 18 years of age, be a strong swimmer in moving Whitewater (100m). Read and sign a waiver, use your own gear ( or pay $100.00 deposit to rent) and understand that you will not be guaranteed a job at the end of the program.   It will however give you a direction to follow your passion in the Outdoor Eco-Adventure Tourism Industry.  Demand for highly qualified Guides is increasing due to regulation in the industry by Transport Canada in 2003.


Includes (if you pass)

  1. Lifesaving Society Swift water Rescue 1 & 2 Certification and Book
  2. Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid Certification and Books/Information Package
  3. Professional River Outfitter’s of Alberta Log Book/Certification
  4. Mini First Aid Kit/Shield/Bandage, Gloves/Whistle
  5. Rafting Information PackageAccommodation, Food and Transport not included